This website has been created by Rachel Balko, Felicia Chan, Heidi Henkenhaf, and Erin Watkins as our final group project for LIBR 559M: Social Media for Information Professionals, Summer Term 2, 2011, at the University of British Columbia. This assignment called for us to “design an archive, museum, or library 2.0 service targeting specific users or services.”

Since one of our group members is very familiar with the needs and goals of the West Vancouver Memorial Library (WVML), we decided to design a service program for that specific library and its community. We  saw ourselves in the role of consultants to WVML, with expertise in the use of social media for information organizations, and imagined that WVML had approached us with the following challenge:

We have received a donation that must be used to introduce a Library 2.0 service. Is there a social media program we can implement that will help us achieve our strategic goals? (These strategic goals are explained in WVML’s 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.)

As imaginary consultants, we recommend that WVML implement a program of digital storytelling for communities, as it is a dynamic, community-focused Library 2.0 service that fits in well with the library’s strategic goals. This website was designed as the report we would present to WVML explaining our Library 2.0 recommendations and the reasons for them. This online report has five sections:

Digital Storytelling Defined

The Case for Digital Storytelling in Libraries

Examples of Digital Storytelling Projects

Success Story: San Diego Public Library

Digital Storytelling & WVML

We hope this website will give you a greater understanding of the power of digital storytelling for communities, particularly within the context of the West Vancouver Memorial Library.

Blog Authors:

Rachel Balko

Rachel comes to the study of librarianship after a 15-year career in writing and editing for various industries, including marketing and promotions, entertainment reporting, business publishing, search engine marketing and optimization, and evidence-based clinical decision support solutions for hospitals and primary care physicians. She believes that public libraries should be at the centre of every community.

Felicia Chan

Felicia has spent 4 years in the Singapore Public Library system as a children’s librarian doing programming and outreach before coming to the University of British Columbia to complete her library studies. Her four years of practical experience includes both traditional public library programming and innovative projects implemented on a nationwide level to promote reading. “Quest,” a library reading program that she worked on, received the 2011 ALA Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects. Felicia is excited about new ideas and is always looking for new ways to engage the community, and she sees digital storytelling as another potentially innovative project for libraries to embrace. She can be found on Twitter at feliciachanz.

Heidi Henkenhaf

Heidi currently holds a Hons. BA from York University and an MA from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and is on track to completing her MLIS in August 2011. Prior to entering the MLIS program, she held prominent business management positions and spent years working in broadcasting and journalism as the Ottawa Bureau Chief of a multimedia corporation.  Heidi is excited to be taking on a professional position as a librarian in the very near future.  Please feel free to contact her at heidijh@gmail.com or on twitter at heidijaneUBC.

Erin Watkins

Erin brings a professional background in marketing and design to the library profession. She is excited to apply skills from her previous profession to libraries. Currently she works in the newly formed Library Communications Office. Erin’s main priority has been to rebrand the UBC Library with UBC’s Place of Mind look and feel. Sounds like a quick fix but it’s been an exercise in sorting out function and hierarchy. She is in her final semester at SLAIS and cannot wait to start working. To connect with her, please email erinkjwatkins@gmail.com or find her on twitter at erin_kj_watkins.