5. Digital Storytelling & WVML

A Digital Storytelling Centre at the West Vancouver Memorial Library (WVML) will help the library achieve its mission of “connect[ing] people with ideas, information, and the world of imagination” (WVML, 2011, p. 6). This innovative way to “Tell Our Story” will engage community members, and promote knowledge of and improve access to West Vancouver’s community heritage. The creation of a centre within the library will encourage community members to create, contribute, and share their own content, while embracing new technologies.

As promoted in the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, a Digital Storytelling Centre will help to extend the focus of the library beyond a physical cornerstone of the community, and will work to showcase the WVML vision to be “recognized as a leader in navigating information, and as a dynamic space that inspires discovery and connection” (WVML, 2011, p. 6).

Being an early adopter of technology is not new for WVML.

  • International attention was gained in 2010 when WVML launched Canada’s first eBook reader lending program. The eBook lending program exceeded expectations, and encouraged other libraries to follow suit.
  • WVML was also an early adopter of mobile technology, and launched a mobile-friendly search interface for its library catalogue.

WVML encourages literacy in all forms and aims to create a 21st century gathering place with a world-class service delivery model. Providing a digital storytelling centre is a progressive move for an innovative library, as it will help to accomplish WVML’s strategic priorities to:

  • Build Community
    A Digital Storytelling Centre will enhance the library and strengthen community relationships, while bringing people together around a common goal (to tell their stories).
  • Tell Our Story
    The Digital Storytelling Centre communicates the value of the library to the community and beyond, while working to enhance outreach and to market library services to new audiences.
  • Increase User Engagement
    The Digital Storytelling Centre will offer increased opportunities for community members to interact with the library and with one another, while working to foster 21st century literacy of digital resources.
  • Deliver Service Excellence
    Through the development of a unique service, WVML will meet the needs and demands of its community, while embracing new technologies and enhancing access to information.


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